dhtmlxCombo width

has some issue with width, when use it on scheduler lightbox
problem is element.style {width=size of lightbox } and automatically equal to div "dhtmlxcombo" width

how to fix this ??

screenshot of problem combobox

As a variant,

scheduler.formSection(combo_name).node.firstChild.setAttribute('style', 'width:400px !important');
scheduler.formSection(combo_name).node.firstChild.setAttribute('style', 'width:400px !important');

not working … with code

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'setAttribute' of null 

I use setAttribute inside scheduler.load() event

dynamically change lightbox with predefined sections …

it works when attached without dhtmlx.js :frowning:

but when not use dhtmlx.js lost ajax on returning response from combo… :frowning:

and when view response from combo it’s on background not in lightbox :frowning:

Attach simple demo with your situation please

with dhtmlx.js

without dhtmlx.js

demo.7z (5.29 KB)

used sample from Scheduler

Load dhtmlx.js and css before scheduler? Does it work in your application?


please open ticket in a support system

temporary solution for combo …

after dhtmlx.js and scheduler.js

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../dhtmlx/dhtmlxCombo/dhtmlxcombo.css"> <script src="../dhtmlx/dhtmlxCombo/dhtmlxcombo.js"></script>