Is there any way to eliminate the double flashing of the combo box, i.e. it paints the Select Box and then it paints the screen again with the combo box? It is difficult to see with a fast internet connection, but on a slower VPN connection it appears as though the combo box blinks. I noticed that this does not occur on the samples page for Version 1.1. How does this differ from the main dhtmlxCombo page which exhibits the problem that I am referring to when you press the CTRL-F5 keys to refresh the contents of the page.

The difference can be caused by moment of the initialization, replacing select with combo not make any heavy load on window, but in case if some complex layout already present on the page - it make cause browser to repaint page, which can give visible delay and blinking as result.

To minify possibility you can

a) place select outside of complex html layout ( as absolutely positioned element for example )
b) create combo from select exactly after select code rendering , without waiting of full page loading