I have the follow problem. I am working a combo with autocomplete and filter. But when i put my combo into a div, the combo fails. The combo into of the div not maintain the original position. when i clicked on the div, the combo began to down.

I would like to know how to make the combobox does not move and maintains the original position.

Could you help me?

Thank you very much.


does the issue occurs with the div only when combo is initialized in it ? Please provide the sample where we can recreate the issue


Thank you for answer me. The problem ocurrs in IE7 or less. I send you the example with the libraries that i am working.

comboerror.html.zip (1.46 KB)
dhtmlxcommon.js.zip (5.71 KB)
dhtmlxcombo.js.zip (9.49 KB)
dhtmlxcombo.css (1.63 KB)
codebase.xml.zip (363 Bytes)


You can try to add position:relative; to the div style:


That problem is ok, but when i have the open combo, the options not maintain the original position. With the example that i send you is showed the error.

Thank you for help me.




The issue wan’t reproduced with the latest combo version. The sample is attached.
sample.zip (20.1 KB)


The issue is presented when i clicked on scroll and with the combo options open. Add a picture of the problem. In this picture the combo options should be paste to the combo.

Again, thank you for your colaboration.


it is correct behaviour, as combo list is absolute positioned. Combo closes on body scroll automatically.

In order to close list on custom action you can use closeAll method. For example:

<div id=“pb” onscroll=“j.closeAll()” style=“overflow: auto; height: 100px;position:relative;”>