dhtmlxComboFromSelect field value

I have a form with a dhtmlx select box being populated from a database:

<% Do Until rsUsers.eof %>

<option class=“subdes” value="<%=rsUsers(“CorporationID”)%>#<%=rsUsers(“HCIAffiliation”)%>#<%=rsUsers(“ID”)%>#<%=rsUsers(“FirstName”)%>#<%=rsUsers(“LastName”)%>"><%=rsUsers(“FirstName”)%> <%=rsUsers(“LastName”)%>

<% rsUsers.Movenext


rsUsers.close %>

The select box and autofiltering are working fine, except, when I select the item from the drop down using key strokes and tab out to the next field and then try and submit the form, the values in the drop down are not passing to the next page. However, if I select the item in the drop down using a mouse click, the value passes fine. Thanks in advance for your help.

Please be sure to use latest version of dhtmlxcombo ( latest version was release a day ago ) , it has some fixes related to corrent onBlur processing, it will set value correctly in described scenario.