dhtmlXComboFromSelect is not working in IE9,Chrome

Hi Friends,

I am facing issue when using dhtmlXComboFromSelect in IE9,Chrome but its working fine in IE8.
I am using MyFaces Implementation-Version: 1.1.0 in my project and used h:selectOne Menu along wth this dhtmlXComboFromSelect.If I select some option from the h:selectOne Menu then null value passes to the backing bean(here manufgLocation) in Chrome and IE9 but in IE8 actual value is passed.

<h:form id=“frmLocation”>

Could you please guide me what need to modify to work this fine in all browsers. Thanks in Advance,Raghu


Please check the working demo in Combo package - the first combo is created via dhtmlXComboFromSelect method:


If the problem is not solved, please html page with combo initialization (please do not use server-side scripts in this demo).

Hi ,

I tried as same as the demo with my jsp code but its not working.Still the same issue.


please check your jsp code, as Combo is pure javascript component and it does not depend on server-side code.