dhtmlXComboFromSelect with Checkboxes


Is there a way in DHTMLX to create a dhtmlXComboFromSelect with checkboxes for each option in the select box.

Tried using

var z=dhtmlXComboFromSelect(“inv”,100, “checkbox”); This never works.

But, this works: var z=new dhtmlXCombo(“combo_zone3”,“alfa3”,200,‘checkbox’);

I dont need to create a new combo box but make the existing one with checkboxes for every option in the combo box.



You can use
<select opt_type=“checkbox” …
Such select will convert to combo with checkboxes.

Thanks, also is there any way dhtmlx can mimic the multi selects, how can this be achieved…?




Well, let me rephrase the question:

var z=dhtmlXComboFromSelect(“abc”,195);  I have an external button which when clicked, should expand the dhtmlx combo box. What would be the equivalent code to call this…help is appreciated.

dhtmlx can mimic the multi selects
Combo works only in single select mode, checkboxes usage can give some additional possibilities , but it is not a true multi-select

>>I have an external button which when clicked, should expand the dhtmlx combo box
var combo = dhtmlXComboFromSelect(“abc”,195);

<input type=“button” onclick=“combo.openSelect()” value"open">

So, is there any way to achieve multi select behaviour using combo? If not, what would be the best alternative to achieve this…

There is no way to achieve multi-select functionality in combo.
Combo with checkboxes allow to check multiple options , but still it not related to current text in input, and need to be get|set through separate API

So, do any one have this working external API (get/set) to retrieve checkbox selections in a combobox? Thnx.

With latest version of dhtmlxcombo ( build 81107 , maybe earlier builds as well ) you will be able to use

combo.getChecked() - return an array, which contains values of all checked elements
combo.setChecked(index,mode) - check checkbox for item at specified index ( uncheck if mode is false )