dhtmlxCommon.js - Native DOMParser not being utilized in IE

In dhtmlx 4.1.1 and greater you changed the code in dhxmlxCommon.js to not use the DOMParser in IE which makes IE11 (with latest security patches) not work when using the loadstruc method for both dhtmlxToolbar and dhtmlxMenu objects.

Why do you not let >IE9 browsers use the native DOMParser? I had to remove the && !dhx4.isIE in order to get IE11 to render my Toolbar and Menu.

[code] window.dhx4.ajax = {

	// if false - dhxr param will added to prevent caching on client side (default),
	// if true - do not add extra params
	cache: false,
	// default method for load/loadStruct, post/get allowed
	// get - since 4.1.1, this should fix 412 error for macos safari
	method: "get",
	parse: function(data) {
	    data = data.replace(/^[\s]+/, "");
	   //if (window.DOMParser && !dhx4.isIE) { // ff,ie9
		if (window.DOMParser) { // ff,ie9
			var obj = (new window.DOMParser()).parseFromString(data, "text/xml");
		} else if (typeof(window.ActiveXObject) != "undefined") {
			var obj = new window.ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM");
			obj.async = "false";
		return obj;


Please let me know your reasons as I would rather not have to make this change each time I upgrade to a new version of dhtmlx.


Which demo doesn’t work? Locally out test works correctly. Could you provide us a screenshot of IE version?