dhtmlxConnector & Laravel

I suggest to support Laravel (http://laravel.com/), the now famous php framework.

This will help you start on Laravel

github.com/ayouboss/dhtmlx-conn … framework/

Thanks you ayoub_g, this is helpful to laravel lovers but my request is 2012 dated, I’m on node.js world now, so i search the same thing for whatever :

  • sails.js
  • Wakanda
  • Derby
  • Meteor

:stuck_out_tongue: I know I just learned using Laravel and thought I could share this.

I’m actually learning Meteor.js now and will try to make a DHTMLX scheduler app DHTMLX.

I’m sure you’ve already seen their Node.js app on git (with mangodb).

It would be kind of you to share any work you have.


In fact, regarding the db, i’m looking for support of either couchbase or Arangodb for whatever the mentionned frameworks.

Actually :

  • Wakanda is thinking of a multimodel db support
  • Derby has some potential through its db abstraction layer waterline

but sails.js and meteor may be the ones to have better chances in db support improvements.

Here is what I came up with for Meteor

github.com/ayouboss/Meteor-DHTM … ive-Update

The good thing would be dhtml product team to be implied into a js framework of their choice (meteor or whatever “equivalent”).

This can easily be turned into a Meteor package with all extensions loaded initially etc.
I’ve also made it work with the Accounts module from Meteor to have users sign in etc.
The good thing about the Scheduler is that it can be customized as you wish.