dhtmlxConnector.Net and Classic ASP

Good afternoon,

I am currently in the process of evaluating the Scheduler component for use within a COM+ application. However I wanted to check some thing’s with regard to the dhtmlxConnector.Net.

Our current application is ASP/COM+/VB6 with some C#, we are planning on converting large chunks of the VB6 code to C# this year however a move to ASPX is not on the horizon, until all the VB6 to C# is complete.

With that in mind, the current .Net connector isn’t usable because it uses an ashx and more importantly HttpContext.Current. These are ASP.NET specific and you cannot share that object with the ASP equivalent.

Since you provide the source for the .Net connector it suggests I could alter the code to use the ASP equivalent instead, by replacing the HttpContext and by wrapping it into a COM+ object.

However before I do that I would want to know a couple of things:

1, Does your licensing permit such a code change?
2, Do you have a classic ASP version instead?
3, What level of code changes are there with the connector such that if I made an ASP/COM+/C# version would I have much to update during the course of a year to keep it in sync with the ASP.NET | Open-source web framework for .NET version?


  1. yes
  2. we have Classic ASP version, but it is not supported anymore ( you can drop an email to support@dhtmlx.com to get the package ). As far as I can see the current version must be compatible with this old version of ASP connector.
  3. not much. There was no backward incompatible changes in the server protocol for 2 years ( we can add some new features, but older code will continue to work )