dhtmlxdataProcessor - Deleting records when used with TreeGr

When I use dhtmlxDataProcessor with a grid + aspx.net + MS SQL, all edits work as expected.

However, as soon as I use a cell type �tree�, the drag and drop moves the selected row and drops on the target row as expected.

The row icon shows that there are child rows as expected.

The grid then displays the selected row start location as being set for deletion (bold with strike-out text), and the new location of the dropped row as being edited (bold text).

Unfortunately, after the dhtmlxDataProcessor update process completes, the data is deleted from the database.

Can you please help

Please contact us directly at dhtmlx@scand.com and provide your customer number - I will send you an updated version of dhtmlxDataProcessor library, it has some updates related to your issue, and must probably will solve it.