DhtmlxDataprocessor problem with splited columns IExplorer

Hello I am using Dhtmlx V 2.6.
When I the dataprocessor set invalid data in splited field and don’t have any error in right grid the splited grid have a phase displacement.
To reproduce this do this:
Create a grid with split mode enabled, set dataprocessor to this grid, have 7 rows, the 7 rows change to invalid_data with the dataprocessor.
I attach a file to show you, only the first column is splitted.

Thanks in advacement

Can you please provide code snapshot of grid initialization?

We cannot reproduce this issue at the latest version of dhtmlxGrid. Please try to update your files

Sorry I forget tell you, this happen only in IE, in FF work ok, you test in IE?


We tested this issue in IE and everything works as expected. Please update your files till 3.0 version.

Hello I retest this on version 3.0, and doesn’t work.

Please provide a sample of you grid’s init to reconstruct an issue