dhtmlxDataProcessor - sendData() -> updated row timing issue

Ok. Hopefully I explain this clearly.

1. I have a row in my grid that I make an update to.

2. Then I go directly to my save button and click it which calls a function that has my sendData() code in it.

The problem is that if I simply update ONLY ONE column and go directly to my “save” button, the row does not turn BOLD in time for the sendData() routine to recognize that the row was updated.

Now, if I change the first column and then a second column, the row is marked as modified(bold) when I click in the second column. When I hit save everything is fine because it sees the column as modified.

So basically it’s like I have to click somewhere else before clicking the save button when I only change ONE column in order for the row to be recognized as changed in time for sendData() to see it as modified.

I don’t want to have to tell my users to click somewhere else before clicking save…so what is the solution?

Hope this makes sense.


Just change the code which you are using for saving as


editStop command finish current edit operation in grid, which will switch row to updated state if value in editor was changed from original one