dhtmlxDataSelector request sent when form is submitted

I am using a dhtmlxDataSelector in a form like so…

{ type: "dataselector", name: "fullname", label: "Full Name", required: true, value: args.fullname, disabled: args.disabled, readonly: true, url: c3.getXmlUrl("c3.lov_reset_pwd"), image_path: c3.imagePath, icons_path: c3.imagePath }
I added the ability for the dhtmlxDataSelector to be readOnly because we want to force them to pick from the values in the popup, no free-typing. The popup and selecting a record from it work fine. What is really weird is that whenever the “Submit” button on the form is pressed it submits the form but it also calls the dataselector URL again. Why would the form submit run that URL again? Here is my form submit code…

f.attachEvent("onButtonClick", function(name) { //trim all fields BEFORE validation to ensure required //fields are enforced and cannot be bypassed with a space f.forEachItem(function(name) { if (f.getItemType(name) != "button") { f.setItemValue(name, $.trim(f.getItemValue(name))); } }); f.send(c3.getJsonUrl("c3.resetPwd"), "post", function(loader, response) { var response = $.parseJSON(response); c3.popMsg(response); if (response.success) w.close(); }); });


please provide completed demo or direct link and steps to reproduce. you can send you link or demo directly to support at dhtmlx dot com.