dhtmlXDataStore => How to filter data

I’m currently using DataStore to provide data to 2 components.
One of them is a dhtmlXChart (type : Pie) .

example of data
id name amount
1 FR 1000.00
2 UK 1200.00

50 NZ 250.00

my chart is very ugly as there are to many rows…

Could you please tell me how I can filter the datastore (or dataset) so that I can get only :
_ the rows where the amount is bigger a specified value
_ the 5 rows with the biggest value

Thanks for you advices.


You can use sync for the chart like next

barChart1.sync(data, function(){ this.silent(function(){ this.filter(function(obj){ return obj.value > 5; }); }); });

Second parameter will be applied after each data syncing, you can place here code to alter dataset after syncing.

Hi Stanislav and thanks for your help :slight_smile:

This doesn’t work for me.

Here is my js code :

// init datastore var statGlobal = new dhtmlXDataStore({ url:"data.php?action=getds1&tdate=2&period=m1", datatype: "xml" }); // ReSync Grid stats_grid.sync(statGlobal); // Resync Chart stats_chart.sync(statGlobal, function(){ this.silent(function(){ this.filter(function(obj){ return obj.value > 5; }); }); });

Here is a sample of my Data (xml):

<data> <item id="000"> <label>CAT01</label> <total>16.71</total> </item> <item id="001"> <label>CAT02</label> <total>112.84</total> </item> <item id="002"> <label>CAT03</label> <total>409.76</total> </item> <item id="003"> <label>CAT04</label> <total>371.24</total> </item> <item id="005"> <label>CAT05</label> <total>3.34</total> </item> <item id="006"> <label>CAT06</label> <total>261.87</total> </item> <item id="007"> <label>CAT07</label> <total>677.56</total> </item> <item id="008"> <label>CAT08</label> <total>203.11</total> </item> <item id="009"> <label>CAT09</label> <total>445.30</total> </item> <item id="010"> <label>CAT10</label> <total>52.20</total> </item> <item id="012"> <label>CAT12</label> <total>5.57</total> </item> <item id="013"> <label>CAT13</label> <total>7.10</total> </item> </data>

While using the function you gave me, the chart disappears.


Ok soorry, I 've just found my mistake.


return obj.value > 5;


return obj.total> 3000; // for example

However, I need to find how I can sort my Dataset by total DESC and then take the 5 ones with biggest total value…


Replace filter call this something like next

chart.sort("total","asc","int"); //filter out 5 top records var value = 0; this.filter(function(obj){ if (value > 4) return false; value ++; return true; });

First command will sort data, code after that will filter out 5 top records.

Brilliant !!!
It works :smiley:

Thank you Stanislav !

It will display < OK > and < Cancel > two button.

I want to ask how to operate these two button that add function and action to them ?