dhtmlxDataView Background

How can i change background in dataview…,i want different images as background for different items…, and also how can i change color when selected…, Attached pictures are before selecting item and after selecting item…, i want to change color when its selecting…


the style for selected item is defined in the css. The defualt is:

.dhx_dataview_default_item_selected{ background-color:#FFBE31; background-image:url(./imgs/dataview/selection_bg.png); background-repeat: repeat-x; }

To define colors for different items you may use templates

The example is:

data = new dhtmlXDataView({ container:"data_container", type:{ padding:0, template:function(obj){ return "<div style='height:100%;white-space:nowrap; overflow:hidden;background-color:"+(obj.color||"white")+"'>"+obj.text+"</div>"; }, height:40 } });