dhtmlxDblCalendar issue

I am running into an issue with the double calendar.

I have implemented the following code:


Please select the start and end dates for this contest.



This is a sample straight out of one of your examples. For now I am just trying to get it all working smoothly then I will integrate it with my site. However the problem I have is that this code when done in a stand alone html file (with the js files initiated the same way in both) it works just fine.

Embedded in my page however I get the following behaviour:

Click on the right calendar date, and the left calendar date updates perfectly as I would expect. It also updates the input field attached.

When I click on the left calendar date however, the attached input field is updated, but the right calendar is completely disabled and will no longer interact.

I love the product and am just making sure it all works properly on my site before purchasing a full license.



Parameters for method setSensitive (fromDate, toDate) must be dates.
Therefore you have to replace 2 lines
mDCal.rightCalendar.setSensitive(date,null)   with   mDCal.rightCalendar.setSensitive(new Date(date),null)
mDCal.leftCalendar.setSensitive(null,date)   with  mDCal.leftCalendar.setSensitive(null,new Date(date))