How is getFormatedDate() supported in double calendar? I would like to use the live sample but code has been obfuscated! I note that the API documentation is incomplete for calendar.

Thanks for your help

Double calendar has two selected dates.

So, you can use the following approaches:

var leftDate = dblCal.leftCalendar.getFormatedDate(…);

var rightDate = dblCal.rightCalendar.getFormatedDate(…);

leftCalendar and rightCalendar are dhtmlXCalendar objects and calendar API can be applied to them.

Can u post a complete example please? I tried this but it doesn’t work, both fields have the same value:

    mDCal = new dhtmlxDblCalendarObject(“objId”, true, {isMonthEditable: true, isYearEditable: true});

function mSelectDate(date) {
    var leftDate = mDCal.leftCalendar.getFormatedDate("%d.%m.%Y", date);
     document.getElementById(‘leftDate’).value = leftDate;
    var rightDate = mDCal.rightCalendar.getFormatedDate("%d.%m.%Y", date);
    document.getElementById(‘rightDate’).value = rightDate;
    return true;


it seems that dhtmlx.com/docs/products/kb/inde … mal&q=3342 post has resolved the issue, doesn’t it ?