DHTMLXEditor and Save Cancel Buttons in DHTMLXWindow

Hello. I’m adding the DHTMLXEditor to a DHTMLXWindow. Then, I append a Save and Cancel button.
_editor = w1.attachEditor();

This works but for some reason the Save and Cancel buttons are always out of view needing a scroll. See attached image. No matter what size the window is, the buttons can’t be viewed unless you scroll. Is there a way to make the editor 90% of the window height, and the buttons 10%? That way no scrolling will be needed. Also, how do I right align the buttons in the window?


it is impossible to append html object if some dhx component is attached. You may place buttons into the statusbar:

var sb = win.attachStatusBar();
sb.setText("<input type='button" value=‘Cancel’ style=‘height:22px’><input type='button" value=‘Save’ style=‘height:22px’>");

Thanks Alexandra. That’s a great solution.