dhtmlxEditor clear formatting

I’m having trouble clearing formatting in the editor. If I mark some text H4 and want to remove that formatting, what do I do?

Pressing the H4 button again does nothing and the “Clear Formatting” button doesn’t do anything either.

Am I missing something?

var editor;
        dhtmlx.image_path = "dhtmlxEditor/codebase/imgs/";

        function doOnLoad() 
            editor = new dhtmlXEditor("editorObj");


Also, when initialized this way, how do I access the toolbar so that I can customize it?

The samples for toolbar shows how to do it, but that is on a toolbar object. How do I access that here?

The function “editor.addButtonSelect” doesn’t appear to have the same definition as the same function on the ToolBar API docs.

Any examples of how to customize the toolbar of the editor?

Is there really nobody who can tell me this ???


unfortunately, there is not “clear formatting” solution for “h” buttons in Editor.

Regarding toolbar - you may access the toolbar object by tb property:

var toolbar = editor.tb;