DhtmlxEditor is loading problems


I’ve used Dhtmlxeditor in my project. Sometimes when I tried to load the page, dhtmlxeditor is not loading properly. It return editor with 0px width & height. Actually we are using this editor in pop up. Below is the code:

                          Editor = new dhtmlXEditor({
                            parent: "text",
                            toolbar: true,
                            iconsPath: "library/dhtmlxSuite_v46_pro/codebase/imgs/"
                        }, 3000);

What is the problem?


Could you please provide us complete demo including all correspondnig js/css files?
Please also add information regarding current and expected behaviour.

Here is a small guide how to make a complete demo:
docs.dhtmlx.com/tutorials__auxil … pport.html

If you don’t want to share your demo here for any reasons - you can send it to support@dhtmlx.com, if so - please include link to this forum topic.

If you’re using PRO Edition please send your demo to support@dhtmlx.com