dhtmlXEditor: scrollbar and skin problem


I’m working with dhtmlXEditor and I use dhtmlx_std_full-package. I have two problems.

Scrollbar problem:

If there is more text than the editing area allows to display, the vertical scrollbar doesn’t appear.

Skin problem:

Does dhtmlx_std_full-package support all three skins (dhx_blue, dhx_black, standard )? I’m able to use only dhx_blue skin, which is default.

Here is my html code:


Yes, there was an issue with scroll bar and it was fixed. Please, please, include the attached dhtmlxeditor.js - it must solve the issue.

In order to use standard skin please use attached index.html - libCompiler/index.html (we have added the radio buttom with “standard” skin here)

dhtmlxeditor.zip (5.09 KB)
index.zip (3.01 KB)

The index.html is attached
index.zip (3.01 KB)