dhtmlxError.catchError issue in IE


I am trying to implement custom error handing to handle in-correct xml returned from the server but it is behaving strangely.

Below is the function I am using. To check my function, I have added one extra tag between two tags.

The error is being captured, function is being called, but I am not able to see any property for errorData[0] or errorData[1]. The length of the errorData is coming as 2 and printing errorDat[0] and errorData[1] ,gives object . but I am not able to print any property of response object. errorData[0].responseText returns un-defined.


Please help !!!

dhtmlxError.catchError triggers only in the situation where a browser signals about Incorrect XML error.
If XML syntaxys wrong, we can define errorData[0].responseText in IE in any ways

Please make sure if you are using latest dhtmlxGrid version
If issue still occurs for you - please provide any kind of sample or demo link where it can be reconstructed.