dhtmlxFileExplorer Demo Application - Incorrect XML Error


Any assistance to get this demo running would be appreciated. I have :

  1. Downloaded the dhtmlxFileExplorer Demo Application from the tutorial

  2. Set up a local server to point to the relevant directory

  3. Tried running the demo from the local server but get the following errors

      The page at localhost says :
      Error type: LoadXML
      Description: Incorrect XML
      The page at localhost says :
      Error type: Datastructure
      Description: XML refers to not existing parent

In the index.html file the following path points to the directory dhtmlxMenu in the folder two levels above the demo installation directory which appears wrong for this demo


I deleted the …/…/dhtmlxMenu/ from the path but still get the same error.

I have looked through all the paths referred to in the demo and the files all seem to be there.

I cant work out whether there is something I am doing wrong or if there is a problem with the demo and and related paths and files.




Such an error occurs when incorrect xml is loaded. Make sure that the demo requires PHP being installed. If the php file are run correctly, please check setting in config.php and define the correct $gl_starting_directory variable there.