dhtmlxFileExplorer dhtmlx.js Error in IE9

dhtmlx.js used by dhtmlxFileExplorer has an error in IE

“…this.xmlDoc.load(filePath)…” ( line 22, char 226 in dhtmlx.js)
"…Object doesn’t support method or property ‘load’ "

dhtmlxFileExplorer works in Firefox and Opera.

Are you referring for live demo page?
dhtmlx.com/docs/products/demoApp … index.html
It doesn’t show such issue while testing from our side.

Yes I am. Just tried it again and got the same error.


Sorry, I misunderstood your question. I am using a modified version of:

However, the dhtmlx.js file is the original.

My ‘index.html’ file is different and I replaced the getFile.php and directoryTree.php programs.

Hello Again,

I did some Googling about this kind of error and apparently there is a bug with

The work around is to put IE9 into quirks mode which stops the error but requires me to
send a specialized header to the browser.

If you are using latest dhtmlx.js - it must not be the problem. Fix was added to prevent such kind of problem.

Grab latest dhtmlx suite package from dhtmlx.com and use dhtmlx.js from it.

The version of dhtmlx.js I have is dated July 27,2010 15:47:10. I got it about a month ago.

In any case, I found an error in the xml I was sending. What was the error? A blank line.
Also, I wasn’t sending ‘<? xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1" ?>’ but I don’t think that
was causing the error.

All is well now and things are working except where MS/IE diverges from W3 standards. (20 years of putting up with MS and IE!)

Thanks for your help.