dhtmlxFolder PHP example for dynamic paging


Almost all problems I solved by this very well documentation and knowledge base. But I’ve found no suitable example to dynamic paging in dhtmlxFolder. My problem is that i tried to load datas dynamical with PHP and SQL.

With “myFolders.enablePaging(10,true);” I would like to load just 10 items every page. Other items for example 11 till 20, should just load, if I clicked site two. Just to use GETRequest “dhx_global_page” for OFFSET dont worked.

Could you give me an easy MySQL example?

(SELECT * FROM mytable LIMIT ???);


It is not possible to load only 10 items if 10 items are displayed per page. The number of items should be more than 10 (for example 11);

Possibly the following LIMIT template can be used:

if dhx_global_page is not set

LIMIT 0,11


LIMIT [(dhx_global_page-1)*11],11

Thanks a lot, it works perfect! It will show always the paging button to next side and after loading this next side there is a button again!