dhtmlxfolders: onclick and ondblclick

I just sent a question about onclick and ondblclick. I solved my problem by adding a delay to the onclick-event (code below).



        var id=this._trackParent(e);

        if (!id)

            return this.stopEdit();



        if ((e.ctrlKey)||(e.shiftKey)|| this.getItem(id).data.selected || (!this.matchSelected(function(id,ind){


                //if ((this._set.editable)&&(((new Date()).valueOf()-this._last_click_time) > 500))

                //    this.editItem(id);





this._last_click_time=(new Date()).valueOf();

// @@flamsens

var self = this;

window.setTimeout( function() { eval(“self.callEvent(‘onclick’,[id]);”) }, 250);

// this.callEvent(“onclick”,[id]);

return true;


Yes, this is only correct solution ( as far as I can see )

I suggested some similar one in original thread
dhtmlx.com/docs/products/kb/inde … ent&q=3295