dhtmlxform Checkbox issue on IE 7

There’s an issue that’s happening only in IE 7, not Firefox that, when I load a form from XML I get the checkbox label above the item.

xml used to load the form

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> ... ...

if I change the position of the checkbox to label-right, it shows it with the label at the right in the same line, but now it’s looking this way.



Please provide complete demo (including all js/css files)

Andrei, here’s my code
Demo.zip (1.91 MB)


attached is your demo with updated form and calendar (js/dhtmlxLibs/dhtmlxForm and js/dhtmlxLibs/dhtmlxCalendar folders, use js/css/imgs)
demo.zip (1.93 MB)

Andrei, Thanks a lot