DHTMLXForm select item XML format for options

I am testing out DHTMLX to see if it will work for a project i am involved in. I am currently attempting to create a form and load select item options for three select items from a C program. I have been looking around to see if I can find the format of the XML that is supposed to be returned from the connector, but so far all of the formats I have tried have resulted in invalid XML errors.

I have Google searched the site for select option connector xml format as well as the error messages and I am just not finding a page that indicates it is the XML format being expected. Hopefully, if I can find a canonical definition for the XML I will be able to determine why the options are not being loaded.

Never mind, I found it. It was the format I used originally and I am still receiving:

Error Type: LoadXML
Description: Incorrect XML

I trimmed my data down to just one entry so I could make sure that there were no special characters sneaking by, but even with just this one entry, the error persists.:

<item value="636" label="Test Broker Test Brokerage" />

I guess this can be closed. The routine was returning a content-type of text/html and changing that to text/xml fixed the issue.