dhtmlxForm send posting twice

I am having an issue using the send method of dhtmlxForms. It appears that every time I use this method, it posts the data to the server twice.

            var sData = myForm3.getFormData();

            myForm3.send("" + glPYRID, "get", function(loader, response){

That is one sample snippet where this occurs. Note the “alert(response)” line. That only gets displayed once. I also tried putting an alert at the very top of the routine and that alert only occurred once, so it appears that for some reason the send method sends the data twice.

Does anyone know why this would happen and if it can be stopped? On an update it is just inefficient, but if the data in the form is being added it creates two records. I have tried it in both “post” and “get” mode and it is called twice in both.

I searched through the dhtmlx.com site and I found an instance of the “onClick” event being added twice and called for each one, but none of the alerts are showing more than once.

Could you provide us completed demo on support@dhtmlx.com with link to this topic?
Posted data is not enough to tset and solve your issue
docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=othe … leted_demo

I have looked at this some more and it appears that anything that uses dhtmlAjax is calling the server twice.

Getting form data and posting form data both happen twice and if I call a url with “dhtmlxAjax.getSync(url)” it also calls the server twice.

Is there something I might be importing more than once that would lead to an issue like this?

This evidently stems from running the project Web Storm 7. I deployed it to a server and ran it from the server and this is no longer an issue.