dhtmlxForm Uploader : save file into specific path

Hi Sir,

I am used the pro version 5.02. I want to use the form uploader to save upload img. But I saw many uploader sample, it did not show how to save file in the specific path.

And the Dhtmlx Doc is also like this(that’s mean don’t show how to use the uploader to save file in the specific path).

Could you give me the idea is.

many thanks,



The uploader control just sends a file to a server-side, the exact name and location of the file is decided by a server side code.
Normally code looks similar to the next

$filename = $_FILES["file"]["name"]; move_uploaded_file($_FILES["file"]["name"], "/some/custom/folder/".$_FILES["file"]["name"]);

As you can see the folder where file will be stored is set in the server side code and is not related to the uploader in a form.