dhtmlxForm Uploader

I have searched throughout the forum and cannot find the answer to this question, so I’m hoping someone can help me with this seeming simple problem I am having. I have used libCompiler to create a custom set of features I would like to use. I’ve been able to get everything set up except the Upload feature. Following the documentation, I am able to get the Upload tool to appear in the form. I can click the ‘browse’ button, select a file, and the file appears in my fieldset box with a status of 0%. So far so good. However, when I click the ‘upload’ button, the status goes to 100%. The problem I’m having, is I have no idea where this file is uploading to, or if it actually uploaded at all.

What I would like to have happen is this:

  1. When user clicks the upload button, the file is uploaded to a directory I have pre-set.
  2. When user submits the form, the url pointing to that file is written to a database field.

How can I accomplish this?


please check demos which included into dhtmlx package. find dhtmlxForm/samples/07_uploader/ filder. inside there is a php folder which contain server side examples. open dhtmlxform_item_upload.php, it have config-comments, due the security reasons there are some codelines commented, just uncomment them and follow instructions. if this will not help, please attach you version of server side and form’s init config.