dhtmlxForm with php

I have a question: is there any possibility to write the code of a dhtmlxForm (for example a fieldset with a input field) in php?

thank you :slight_smile:


please clarify your question

can I write this code also in php and put it out in the browser?

// Urlaubsinfo		
var myForm1, formData1;
        formData1 = [
            {type: "fieldset",name:"urlaub", label: "Urlaubsinfo", list:[
			      {type:"input", name:"Uvon", label:"Urlaub vom"},
				  {type:"label", label:""},
				  {type:"input", name:"anzahl", label:"Anzahl Urlaubstage"},
				  {type:"label", label:""},
                  {type:"input", name:"gesU", label:"gesamte Urlaubstage im Jahr", position:"label-top"},
				  {type:"label", label:""},
                  {type:"input", name:"übU", label:"übrige Urlaubstage"},
                  {type:"input", name:"Ubis", label:"bis"},
				  {type:"label", label:""},
				  {type:"label", label:""},
				  {type:"label", name:"gen/Ngen", label:"genehmigt/noch nicht genehmigt"}
        myForm1 = new dhtmlXForm("form_container1", formData1);	
        myForm1.setReadonly("anzahl", true);

thank you :slight_smile:

yes you can


print_r(“var myForm1, formData1;”);


and how I have to write on (after the …) … the same code as before?