dhtmlxForm with UL Data -> no onButtonClick Event

Hi Guy’s,

I am really suprised about dhtmlx and I try to create an online tool with this. But I got a really big problem with dhtmlxForm which loads the elements from UL HTML (because rearranging the element horizontal. it works with table tags) But the problem is the Button onButtonClick-Event or onChange-Events. No Event is thrown when I click the Button or change values of the elements. What is wrong with my code? BTW dhtmlxForm with Arrayloading works very well.

	<div id=\"objFormFilter\" style=\"position: relative; width: 100%;\">
		<ul class=\"dhtmlxForm\">
			<li ftype=\"button\" value=\"Filter\" command=\"customCommand\" name=\"btn_Apply\"/>
formFilterData = [
	{type: \"button\",name: \"btn_Apply\",value: \"Filter\",command: \"customCommand\"}

	formFilter = new dhtmlXForm(\"objFormFilter\",formFilterData);
	formFilter.attachEvent(\"onButtonClick\", function(name) {
		alert(\"Button Click\");

There is no way to define custom onclick actions directly in HTML.
Technically you can get the form object after initialization and assign code to the button click event, but it may be a bit tricky , because you will need to catch the moment when html form converted to js object

If you want to have a precise control over form - usage of json or XML base initialization is the better way.