DhtmlxGantt + Dataprocessor

Hello i’m trying to implement the dhtmlxGantt v.3.2.1 with the dataprocessor but I have a problem.
This is my initialization of the dataprocessor:
var dProcessor = new dataProcessor(action);

But when I d&d the dates, the row seem impacted(bold), but if i click on the row this call an event (selectTask --> refreshTask) and I lose the styling of the dataprocessor.
For info the dataprocessor don’t send the info to the server, on his state seems ok, [updatedRows] has the modified row.
Is this bug reported? in this case did you have the file modified?
Thanks in advance.

The problem with row styling was not reported previously. ( in most cases dataprocessor works in auto-submit mode, so the issue never occurs )

We will check how it can be fixed.

Hi, i’m using the free version to advance on the developments, but the purchasing of PRO edition is in course.
Can you check if is going to be solved soon this? and can you attach me the modification in order to i can advance?


Which result you want to achive ? Do you need to mark the updated and not saved yet rows?

Yes we need the same functionality of the grid, bold until the data is send it to the server.
Wait for your feedback.

Hi any news about this?

this will be fixed in the next update (20-25th July). The styles of dataprocessor won’t be cleared after redrawing the task