DHTMLXGANTT Excel Export Date exported wrongly

In excel export start date exported as wrong…

please find this in online url.


kindly export excel and open it. it will show wrong date

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Hello Ramani,
Unfortunately, I couldn’t reproduce the issue.
I exported the data from that sample and opened it in LibreOffice and MS Excel. The dates are correct:

我这边也是日期格式不正确,Windows系统,Excel 2007

Please, post your questions in English.

Regarding the issue - I couldn’t reproduce it. Please, send me a sample that I can check or give me the steps to reproduce the issue.

gantt.xlsx (7.0 KB)

I also have incorrect date format here, Windows System, Excel 2007

Thank you for sending the file. Unfortunately, I couldn’t reproduce the issue, the dates are correctly displayed: