dhtmlxgantt incompatible with dhtmlxgrid and connector


I’ve got dhtmlxgantt to work as required, showing my project with edit disabled.
gantt.config.readonly = true;
(Server is generating JSON data and not XML)

I’ve got a dhtmlxgrid working great with a data connector for server side processing, returning an appropriate response and processing it, to update the grid (remove bold or row with strikethrough)
(Server is generating XML data and not JSON)

However, if I want both on the same page and include dhtmlx.js and then dhtmlxgantt.js I hit a problem.
Everything looks great until I make a change to the grid.
The action is sent to the correct script and the appropriate response is returned.
However it is dhtmlgantt.js thats processing the response, so the action isnt being completed client side (rows remain bold or strikethrough):

TypeError: dhx4.ajax.xmltop is not a function
…oid t.finalizeUpdate()}catch(o){}var d=dhx4.ajax.xmltop(“data”,e.xmlDoc);if(!d)r…
dhtmlxgantt.js (line 252, col 236)

If I then switch the order to dhtmlxgantt.js then dhtmlx.js I get:
TypeError: dhtmlx.mixin is not a function
dhtmlxgantt.js (line 297, col 1)

I dont want to use any gantt processing at the moment, so is it possible to switch this off, in addition to disable the editing?

I’m using (dhtmlx.js, connector.js) dhtmlxSuite Version: 4.0 Professional and (dhtmlxgantt.js) v.3.3.0 standard