dhtmlxGantt with GraphQL

I am browsing through the documentation from the past two days, i found pretty good examples to integrate gantt with server side, but those all were based on REST. In my case I have a graphQL server and i want to send all queries on it. As far as i have seen gantt chart doesn’t allow you to load or save data through promises. All it take is URL (string).
Is there any way that i can connect my FE Gantt chart with my graphql services. ?
Thank you so much in advance

Hello Raheel,
I don’t specialize in GraphQL, so I won’t be able to help you with that.
But anyway, you need to implement a custom solution.

You can try creating a custom Data Processor with custom routing and use your functions there:
Also, there is a built-in Ajax module. You can check if it fits your needs:

Hello ramil,

Thank you so much for your response. Let me check these approaches to see if any of them solves my problem.