dhtmlxGrid 2.5 Header don't load on IE7

Hi !

When I try to test the grid on IE7 it doesn’t work while it’s ok on FireFox.

Here is my code :

function doOnLoad() {

    mygrid = new dhtmlXGridObject(‘gridbox’);














The warning of IE send me to this funtion of th Grid :


@desc: sets new column header label

* @param: col - header column index

* @param: label - new label for the cpecified header’s column. Can contai img:[imageUrl]Text Label

* @param: ind - header row index (default is 0)

* @type: public

* @topic: 3,6


this.setColumnLabel=function(c, label, ind, hdr){

var z = (hdr||this.hdr).rows[ind||1];

var col = (z._childIndexes ? z._childIndexes[c] : c);

if (!z.cells[col]) return;

if (!this.useImagesInHeader){

var hdrHTML = “

if (label.indexOf(‘img:[’) != -1){

var imUrl = label.replace(/.[([^>]+)].*/, “$1”);

label=label.substr(label.indexOf("]")+1, label.length)






if (this._hstyles[col])


} else { //if images in header header



//preload sorting headers (asc/desc)

var a = new Image();

a.src=this.imgURL+""+label.replace(/(.[a-z]+)/, “.des$1”);


var b = new Image();

b.src=this.imgURL+""+label.replace(/(.[a-z]+)/, “.asc$1”);



if ((label||"").indexOf("#") != -1){

var t = label.match(/(^|{)#([^}]+)(}|$)/);

if (t){

var tn = “in_header”+t[2];

if (this[tn])

this[tn]((this.forceDivInHeader ? z.cells[col].firstChild : z.cells[col]), col, label.split(t[0]));




This particular instruction can’t be executed by IE : z.cells[col].innerHTML=hdrHTML;

Thank you for your help.

Are you using setColumnLabel method in your code? Be sure if this method called after mygrid.init()

No I’m not using  setColumnLabel.

Should I add it ?

Yes ! this method is called after the init().

Please provide us complete example where we can reproduce this issue (you can send such example directly to the support@dhtmlx.com)