DhtmlxGrid 3.5 onEditStop problems

After editing Combo column and TXT column cell of row, the javascript throw an error.
We make a manual modifications to fix this.
On “dhtmlxgridcell.js” to solve the textarea problem the detach is being called twice, so we make a condition for second time to ignore detach
"if(this.obj && this.obj != null){…} "

On “dhtmlxgrid_excell_combo.js” to solve the problem with the combo detach is being called twice we add try/catch block for not removing a non-existing element
}catch (error){

Can you tell me if you detect this problems and are going to make a patch?

Baglieri Gonzalo Nicolas

Unfortunately such issue cannot be reconstructed.
Please, provide a sample of your code or a complete demo where the issue can be reconstructed