DhtmlxGrid 3.5 setNumberFormat problem

Hi, I am migrating to the new version of Dhtmlx(3.5 PRO EDITION) and I found an error.
When I set to “edn” column the “setNumberFormat(“0,000”,0,”"," “)” (Integer format).
After the user end the edition of field the value into the column is managing as decimal, for example if I set “4” into this field work ok. but if i set for example “3.8” the mark show me 4 in column, and when I click to edit again show me “3.8”.

Can you help me with this please?
Thank you
Baglieri Gonzalo Nicolas

Unfortunately the issue cannot be reconstructed locally.
Please, open ticket at support.dhtmlx.com and provide a complete demo where the issue can be reconstructed.