dhtmlxGrid acheck cell type


I am currently using the acheck cell type in a grid. I notice from the source code that it only supports the function onCheckbox, which is marked as deprecated in the documentation and there is currently no support for the onCheck function you advise we should use instead.

Before I go ahead and use the deprecated function or change the dhtmlxgrid_excell_acheck.js file, do you have an idea of when a new release of acheck will support the onCheck function? I don’t want to have to make this tweak with each new release, when I could just use the deprecated function, but conversely I don’t want to use a function that may be removed in coming releases.

Many Thanks


This issue confirmed. To check if acheck cell was changed you can use “onEditCell” event. Please find more information here dhtmlx.com/dhxdocs/doku.php?id=d … oneditcell