dhtmlxGrid addRow trigger onBeforeUnload in IE7

Hi, I capture onBeforeUnload semi-event on my application to warning the user to prevent data loss.

    window.onbeforeunload = function() {

                if (myModifiedData())


                    return “Data will lost. Are you sure?”;



when I press a button that add a row in a dhtmlXGrid

myGrid.addRow(recuperaUniqueID(‘nou-’), ‘—’’);

the onBeforeUnload event is tiggered in IE 7, in Firefox run as expected.

Any suggestion?

Kind Regards

�lex Corretg�

Most probably you are using link similar to next , to add new row
add row
IE trigger onBeforeUnload event for each click on link, without relation is link navigates outside of script, or contains just a javascript command.
To resolve problem you can change link to next syntax
add row