dhtmlxGrid aeditor has no properties

Hi, I have a script that show two grid’s (dhtmlxGrid Pro last version)

One of these is editable,and the other is refreshed when an edition is succesful.

The script run fine, but I get a JavaScript error:

aeditor has no properties

_fillRow(tr, [“600000035 - columna”, “237237”, “237237”, 134 more…])dhtmlxgrid.js (line 263)

_fillRowFromXML(tr, row, -1, null)dhtmlxgrid.js (line 299)

_innerParse([row, row, row, 8 more…], 0, -1, null, 4)dhtmlxgrid.js (line 302)

parseXML(Document , 0)dhtmlxgrid.js (line 292)

loadXMLString(Window hermes)dhtmlxgrid.js (line 44)

waitLoadFunction()dhtmlxcommon.js (line 9)

[Break on this error] aeditor = this.cells4(r.childNodes[i]);aeditor.setValue(val)

I search about this error but I get answers.

Some idea?


Such problem occurs when you defined incorrect column type, or defined some excell which code requires additional js files
Please check column types used in setColTypes command

Also the similar problem may occurs if you have an XML with more elements per row, than count of column defined in grid.

The problem was that my XML file have more cells than expected in some rows… grrrrr.

Sorry and Thanks for all.