dhtmlXGrid and Rails Applications

I have ran into difficulties in using the latest update to dhtmlXGrid Pro (1.4) with Rails applications when there is a radio button (type=“ra”) in the grid.  I can reproduce the error by taking one of the supplied sample grids and including the prototype, effects, dragdrop and controls javascripts that are core to any Rails application.  The error returned seems to be triggered by the javascript for/in statements over the rowsAr array within the forEachRow function.  If I am using a grid with 2 rows and I echo out the this.rowsAr.length I get the proper number of rows, however the for/in statement sets the counter a to 0, 1 and then the string ‘each’.

To get around this I have modified the for/in statement to be of the for (init; expression; increment) style.

Can you tell if this is a problem with one of the Rails javascript libraries or the new dhtmlXGrid libraries?