dhtmlxGrid: appending children-rows to parent-rows via updat

I am using the standard version of dhtmlxGrid.

When I use a script as below, the new row is properly appended to the “parent” row:

function doOnRowSelected(rowID,celInd){

var newId = (new Date()).valueOf();

var newPos = grid.getRowIndex(rowID) + 1;



However, when I try to use the “updateFromXML” function and make use of “posStart”

function doOnRowSelected(rowID,celInd){

var newPos = grid.getRowIndex(rowID) + 1;

var url = initURL + ‘?posStart=’ newPos;



and use the “posStart” parameter in the top “” tag

out.println("<rows total_count="" + totalCount + “” pos="" + posStart + “”>");

the new rows are always added at the bottom of the grid list.

Is there a way to make this work using “updateFromXML”?

Is there also a way to show/hide existing rows in the grid?

Sadly, I cannot (yet) buy the pro version of dhtmlTreeGrid.

I guess that would solve most of those problems…

Thanks for your time and help!


using "updateFromXML"
updateFromXML operation updates existing list of rows and adds new one always to the end of list ( end of current branch in case of treegrid )
It not possible to add new row to specific position from XML , can be done only by js command.

>>Is there also a way to show/hide existing rows in the grid?
Technically can be done by
grid.setRowHidde(id,mode); //mode - true/false
but if you need to show | hide row many rows at once - filtering api ( grid.filterBy ) will be a much more faster solution.