dhtmlxGrid as an input platform

Hi. I’m trying to use dhtmlxGrid as an input platform.

I was able to load records from ms sql server 2k, and I emptied the table. When I opened up the page after that, I got an error loadXml. Is it possible to begin dhtmlxGrid with an empty table? If it is so could you teach me how to do it? Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.


Incorrect XML error means that printed data has XML syntax errors, in case of dyn. generation of data, most possible reason

- some script error occurs during data generation and error info corrupt XML
- data was printed in different encoding than XML ( iso-8859-1 vs UTF ) which cause xml syntax error

To check exact reason, you can load the same url ( getGridRecords.asp with parameters ) in separate window or use debug version of dhtmlxcommon.js

dhtmlx.com/docs/products/kb/inde … tmlxcommon