dhtmlxGrid cell handling problem

dear sir,

what i am facing a problem is mention below

i have a user.html page on which the grid is displayed. The grid contains lot of record. To make the processing fast i am using

mygrid.setSerializationLevel(true,false,true,false,true); command that means only changed row will be shown. But the problem is i want to do below activity.

- double click the cell

- then click the ‘delete’ button(on same html)

- what the functionality i want to do is make the cell value to blank.

- and while submit the row should be the serialize with the blank value cell.

i am using the command mygrid.cells(rowId,columnId).setvalue(""); in ‘onclick’ of delete button function. here rowId and columnId is maintained while in stage == 0 of onCellEdit event.

what the actual problem, why the cell value is not replaced with the blank. Interesting thing is that mygrid.setCellTextStyle(iRow,iCol,“background-color:red” ); is functioning in ‘onclick’ of delete button.

plz help

The cells marked as changed when they changed by user and not react on changes caused by API
The simple solution is extend your code as

mygrid.cells(rowId,columnId).cell.wasChanged=true; //mark cell as changed manually

function name is very confusing, let say, on stage 2 of onEditCell event if we changed the value of the cell then the value is not able to set, so i used mygrid.cells(rowId,columnId).setValue(NewVal);  but error console give errors… so i tried mygrid.cells(rowId,columnId).setvalue(NewVal);  then it works(able to set the new value onEditCell event).

But when i am using the same command(mygrid.cells(rowId,columnId).setvalue(NewVal):wink: other then the event handling function then its not working, error console is showing  that setValue(NewVal) is not a function. So I got very confused. Even you had suggested above to use  ‘mygrid.cells(rowId,columnId).setValue("");’  command.

Still i am not able to find the solution one of the above asked query that, i want to make the cell blank from any function.
your solution mygrid.cells(rowId,columnId).setValue("");  did not work. I tried with mygrid.cells(rowId,columnId).setvalue("");  also.

so were i am wrong

the correct name of function is setValue ( you can reffer to API list - dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxG … excellsapi )

>>if we changed the value of the cell then the value is not able to set
Problem caused by moment of command call, the stage 2 of onEditCell is moment when editor already closed but new value not set yet ( this is key point from which new value may be accepted or rejected ) , so the direct call of setValue may be reset by folowing logic.
You can use specific of onEditCell event and use

if (stage == 2 && some_condition)
return NewVal.toString();
return true;

When you returning string value from onEditCell handler - such value will be used as new cell value, instead of one entered by user.

This code will work in common case, but will not work for cell , which in edit-ending process if called from onEditCell event hander