DHTMLXgrid Cell values are not displayed properly


We are using DHTML Xgrid for our application. The grid is loaded from a XML. Whenever we give any value with in double angular brackets (for e.g: << test >>) after losing focus it is displaying just <> and when we have more words within the angular brackets, the value is getting messed up.
(for e.g. Given Value: <<Wang’s Chicken soup ‘’ “” >>
Value after losing focus: <>
Value while editing: <<wang’s title="<> " chicken="" soup="">> </wang’s>

The value should be same both while displaying and while editing. Please help.


Try to use “edtxt” or “rotxt” eXcell types.


Thank you so much for the reply. Could you please give a brief description about the difference between “ed” and “edtxt” cell types.


Please check more information here docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … base_types

Hi, I am using dhtmlx 2.6 Pro edition, and changing to “edtxt” not solve the problem, and I have an tree column with the same problem.

What recomend to do?

Thanks in advance.
Baglieri Gonzalo Nicolas.

Please, try to update the version of your grid.
“edtxt” should help your problem. What about “tree” type - unfortunately the only way to solve the issue - customization. Please, open ticket at support@dhtmlx.com

Hello Sematik,
In what version is fixed this problem using “edtxt”?

Unfortunately such bug with edtxt type wasn’t observed. Please, provide any kind of your sample or a complete demo.
Please, make sure that your version of dhtmlxgrid was not customized.