dhtmlxgrid: change column values for row

What api function does a column update for a row?

I have a grid with these columns: ID, Date, Title. I’d like to change the values for a row.



The setRowAttribute function doesn’t do the update. Is there a different way to do this?


events_grid.setHeader("ID,Date,Title"); events_grid.setInitWidths("50,90,350"); events_grid.setColAlign("right,left,left"); events_grid.setColTypes("ro,ro,ro");

events_grid.setRowAttribute(row_id, "Date", date_value); events_grid.setRowAttribute(row_id, "Title", title_value);

If you need to changed the value of a cell you may try to use setValue() method:

mygrid.cells(row_id,column_index).setValue(“new value for a cell”)

Great. This works.