dhtmlxGrid - changing images path

I have a problem changing images path for dhtmlxGrid component through

mygrid.setImagePath("./img/"); call. The reason been that all the Styles files have hard coded references to the …/imgs directory. Here is a code from dhtmlXGrid.css file:


Is there a way to redefine dynamically the location of images or is it a bug?

The grid uses a lot of images ( sorting markers, treeGrid elements, images for radio, checkbox, dynamic excells ) - all those images use path set by
so in case of default skin ALL images used from established URL.

In case of additional skins situation is a bit more complex, because skin description stored in separated css files, it is impossible to apply that  setting directly to css.

The simplest solution will be in updating dhtmlxGrid.css with globar
paths to your image location

If it not acceptable for you, I can send you in few days an updated version of dhtmlxGrid, which will take skin images from same path as setImagePath set.